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We 're just sending forms

and that’s all

We are not a form builder. We do not seek to solve all problems. We Just send form data to instant messengers and email in the most convenient way

What does it mean Flashform?

This is a simply-use service, which allows to you configure the sending of contact forms from your website to selected messengers in a few clicks

Purpose of using Flashform

The problem

When you build the website, the one of the most popular issue is a sending data from contact form to channel that convenient for you or your client.

A lot of time is spent on creating the form, integrating it into the website, and making sure that the information from the form reaches the chosen communication channel quickly and consistently

We have been constantly faced with this problem for several years as web developers. Every time we made a new site, we spent a lot of time to ensure that the information from the form was quickly sent to a convenient communication channel, and not just to email


Therefore, we have created a web service that allows you to connect your contact form to the chosen messenger or email in a few clicks, without the need to write dozens of lines of code, in a matter of minutes

Thus, when a user fills out the contact form on the site, you instantly receive this information in:

  • What’sApp

  • Email

  • Telegram

  • Facebook Messanger

    Facebook Messanger
  • Discord

  • Etc.


Designed to make life {easier}

It is enough to waste time on monotonous activities. We know that whenever you're programming, the least you want to do is customize contact forms

How you can integrate it with your code?

  • Step 1

    Create and copy your personal ID link

  • Step 2

    Paste it in your HTML form or in fetch as URL

  • Step 3

    Choose where you want to send data from form

  • Step 4

    Done! The data from your website form is almost here

Integration of your form with different {messengers}

Most often, the data that a potential client leaves in the form are sent to email or to the CRM system. But the fact is that a small business does not always use a CRM system, and also does not always have a manager who monitors customer requests via email in real time

A few important benefits
A few important benefits
A few important benefits
A few important benefits

Each of these benefits has been tested first-hand by Flashform developers. But what can I say: our product is a symbiosis of practical solutions that were made to facilitate daily work

  • Yeah, it's almost a no-code decision. This service is like a breath of fresh air: ease in use and functional. You don't need to know programming languages to get a request from a potential client in a convenient place


  • You know, we really made a lot of effort to make such a banal at first glance service a pleasure to use. Fresh design with familiar elements. Isn't this happiness? Is the Flashform looks simple? You are all right!

    Beautiful and simple

  • You understand, nothing extra. We simply take and send data from website contact forms to messengers of your choice. One service — one function. And it does the job as it should, without much fuss

    One function

  • And that, is one of the best features of this product. It is designed both for professional developers who hate routine actions in their work, and for beginners in business who are making their first or second website in their life

    To anyone

  • A business needs a contact form to work properly, right? The flash form will do its main job well — it will send you a messenger message about a new application from the website as soon as someone fills out the form

    Who loves quality

  • With practical experience, the developers of this product have only one goal in mind — to make work life a little easier. No, no less functional (this is important). Namely, it is easier, throwing a lifeline from boring tasks

    And that’s all

Flashform relieves the headache

of developers and site owners

  • For developers

    You don't need to write a backend for the form handler. With a service-side API, you only need to insert a unique ID into your HTML, and Flashform will do the rest

  • For Site owners

    It will be convenient for you to connect the form of your website to Webflow, for example, and send information to several communication channels at once, without programming skills

Problems that we solve

Website conversion increases

Data from the form arrives instantly to selected messengers, so you can efficiently process requests from your customers. The speed of order processing affects the potential client's decision to work with you

Less time to set up the form

If you are a developer, you don't need to create a form backend every time in a new project. This will save time on routine things, which can be spent on more pleasant things

You don't need to know how to program

If you are not a developer, but are building a site yourself on Webflow or another builder, you can easily connect a form and send data to the messenger of your choice.

Project roadmap

Part of the Flashform is already done, but we continue to work on it to give you the best user experience

{Alpha release}Dec 19
jan 19

{Beta release}

march 03

{Hopefully, a release}

apr 23

{Add new messengers}



Is it form builder?

No, this is the web service that provide an API for implementing backend function to HTML form. It just send all data from your website form to convinient messengers or other chanels.

What I must to do for implementing this to my website form?

Just follow these three steps:
1. Create an copy your personal ID link.
2. Paste it in your HTML form or in fetch as URL.
3. Choose where you want to send data from form.
4. Done! The data from your website form is almost here.

Are the instructions different for integration with different messengers?

Yes, there are certain differences in the instructions for each messenger. But we have done everything so that you as a user do not experience any inconvenience:)

Is FlashForm a paid product?

You can use a free account if it is sufficient for your purposes. But if you need more integrations, then for $10 per month you get unlimited access to integrations.